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      Restaurant Reviews

      Alice: vivid, inventive plant-based food

      Briana Kim has been watching mushrooms break down. This, in the fermenting chamber at her restaurant,...

      Jun 26, 2019

      Black Tartan Kitchen

      Steak on plates in Carleton Place was no shocker. Powdered foie gras... that was more of a surprise....

      0 Comment / Dec 20, 2017

      Das Lokal

      News of a new chef has brought me back to Das Lokal. That, and the thought of a steaming mug of Gluhwein...

      0 Comment / Dec 13, 2017

      Around Town

      Coconut Lagoon's sorrow

      I was writing a short piece to celebrate Joe Thottungal’s cookbook making the ‘long list’ for the Taste...

      May 25, 2020

      "The Vendors Project"

      A marvellous community-minded group effort, spearheaded by Poppa-Bean Coffee Company and Purebread...

      Apr 07, 2020

      Cooking for a cause

      Team STOFAThe Ottawa restaurant industry has always given big-heartedly its precious time and gastronomic...

      Feb 27, 2020

      Comings & Goings

      Dear readers & restaurants...

      The new year marks 25 years I’ve written a weekly restaurant column. Twenty of those I was the Ottawa...

      8 Comments / Jan 04, 2018

      Rodriguez opens Orto

      I had lunch, last week, at Orto Trattoria, chef René Rodriguez' new restaurant, and I'm looking forward...

      0 Comment / Dec 13, 2017

      Opening: Sawision's Stofa

      Have to admit, I'm pretty stoked for this place. Jason Sawision, chef de cuisine at Atelier restaurant...

      0 Comment / Aug 18, 2017

      Canadian Culinary Championships

      Great Kitchen Party of 2020: the pandemic edition

      Things were done differently in this quite-different year. Glittery galas cancelled, gatherings reduced...

      Oct 23, 2020

      Join the Kitchen Party: Home Edition

      The Home Edition of Canada's Great Kitchen Party, in support of our shuttered national restaurants community,...

      Apr 10, 2020

      Canadian Culinary Championships 2020

      Voila! The 2020 Canadian Culinary Championships podium. Silver medallist, Montreal chef Marc-André...

      Feb 03, 2020

      Anne Away

      Drinking in Healdsburg, California


      Oct 12, 2019

      tasty lessons in Québec City

      I'm at Café-Bar Artéfact in Auberge Saint-Antoine seated comfortably beside a cannonball. It's...

      Oct 01, 2018

      Portuguese Treats in Montreal

      I moved into Toronto’s Little Portugal neighbourhood in the autumn of 1985. My neighbours became friends...

      0 Comment / Dec 05, 2017